There is a sense of protecting the skin, do not want to cause harm to the skin, but do not know how to protect?


There is a sense of protecting the skin, do not want to cause harm to the skin, magic erasers wholesalebut do not know how to protect, how not to cause harm, which is the current common situation of dermatology.

Knowing that you bathe with coconut sponge instead of towels and steel balls shows that you still consciously protect your skin. The coconut sponge is still soft.

But don't forget that coconut sponges have friction and can be used to remove dust. the konjac sponge companyCoconut sponges are less harmful to the skin than steel balls, but they can also cause skin damage. Coconut sponges may be fine for some adults with rough skin, but for infants and young children, they only cause enough damage.

Coupled with the cleaning effect of shower gel, individually wrapped sponges bulkthe damage is even greater.

By the same token, use a cleanser or face wash, and use a weakly acidic, even non-foaming cleanser; Wash your hair with shampoo, with weakly acidic and even non-foaming shampoo; Wash hands with hand sanitizer, wash hands with weak acidic non-foaming hand sanitizer; Instead of washing your face, hair, and hands with laundry powder, the company is in order to avoid the use of alkaline detergent on the face, scalp, and hands.

Experience tells us that foaming washing powder is cleaner and more "hot" when washing clothes. Foam cleaners, shampoos and hand sanitizers have little protection for face, scalp and hands. The more dust you remove, the less sebum you retain, and the greater the potential damage to the skin.

Although a fifth of the 21st century has passed, some older people still use detergent, soap, soap, sulphur soap to wash their hair and face, and some use so-called hand-made soap.

Even some hand sanitizers marked with baby hand sanitizer can do harm to opponents, especially those with bubbles. If your hands become dry after washing, it means more harm.

Make table and chair foot mat skillfully

If the table, chair and stool in the home themselves did not appear high and low uneven, or the enterprise worried about the Chinese floor scratched, to a hundred clean cloth, the miracle appeared