Thoroughly Understanding the 20 Advantages of PDF

Thoroughly Understanding the 20 Advantages of PDF

Thoroughly understand the 20 advantages of PDF, easier to grasp the knowledge of PDF culture. Let you fall in love with PDF.

Simply to understand the PDF file for the format: PDF is the printing technology industry's pre-press standards, it is a layout design documents. You can use merge pdf files i love pdf to carry out some operations on PDF. Therefore, PDF has several major advantages of layout documents:

1. Support resources are self-contained, that is, font information can be embedded within the document, follow the document;.

2. Support for high compression pictures, 100 megabytes of pictures can be bound compression to more than 10 megabytes;

3. Support vector graphics, zoom in and out does not affect the clarity;.

4. All printable documents can be converted to PDF;

5. Support network security for encryption, for the flow of official documents;

6. Can be embedded multimedia;

Seven. If you buy a professional version of the PDF office software, you can also mark, stamp, fill out forms and other complex applications;

8. cross-platform, any device that supports pdf can be opened, layout and style will not be chaotic;

Able to embed fonts, will not be able to find fonts and display confusion;

10. Small file size, easy to network transmission;

11. can be produced as an interactive pdf, easy for students to submit;

12. File is too large to send/customers can not download. Some companies have established a large file rejection mechanism, a PPT hundreds of M is a common thing, often the mail is intercepted;.

13. can be edited in other formats, such as word excel. a lot of things, such as quotations, terms of business, for fear of being changed by the customer;

14. 200 megabytes of documents into less than 100 megabytes of documents, and quite clear Oh, of course, the transmission speed is also very fast;

15. Basically, many people's computers can directly open PDF documents, but before using CAD to do the drawing program often can not be opened;

16. Can not be edited, but can be printed. Convenient to do the program to the customer management is not very afraid of being changed;

Print paper, the only format is not deformed to facilitate the format;.

18.pdf support access control, can be set to: do not print, do not copy, do not annotate (comments) 。。。。

19. In general, in the absence of software is difficult to open certain formats. For example, DOC format should be installed text or WPS or something. PDF can be opened directly in the browser;.

20. The highest support rate of conversion formats: PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to Picture, PDF to HTML.