What exactly does the site offer?

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What exactly does the site offer?

Each site hosting is not exactly the same, but there are similar differences, depending on the price.

Most of them include:

1. space + domain name fees (according to the size of the enterprise customers to choose the space, brand, domestic research abroad, we do not need to record the need to choose a suitable space).

2. Make sure your website runs normally.

3. Image Processing.

4. Product information and customer service cases. Digital Marketing Agency Case maintenance, responsible for maintaining and updating company product information and customer case information.

5. Back up the web site (web site program and database) every month, in case of failure, timely recovery, ensure the normal operation of the enterprise web site.

6. Add some website codes such as traffic statistics code, sharing code and online customer service code.

Content updates, including Enterprise Industry Development News, company dynamics, industry dynamics, etc. , updated once a week. (1-7 articles per week, depending on industry)

Responsible for website brand or product keyword optimization and maintenance. Select 5 industry-related keywords optimized to Baidu Page 1-3.

what is web hosting?

The website "all-round hosting" solution provided by professional network companies realizes website promotion and marketing, website upgrade, information update, function expansion and overall effect design.

Applicable groups

More mature companies in traditional markets. A top-down enterprise without the accumulation of network enterprise experience and knowledge. Companies that do not want to take big risks by hiring professionals from the labour market. Has the strength and the resources but does not understand the network marketing risk project. There are many network marketing failed business experience.

industry overview

1. In China's internet market today, the fierce competition, web hosting is a good choice for small and medium-sized enterprises;

2. Virtual host is defined as a cooperative relationship, in which virtual host manages and operates on behalf of a professional organization.

3. Enterprises to rely on information network technology to promote business or products, it is inevitable that some of their own promotion service platform (website) ;

4. and the establishment of this platform is very important. The establishment of the platform directly affects the subsequent promotion effect and whether it has competitive strength; After years of contact with enterprises in different industries, the conclusion is: more than 90% of enterprises do not have professional website maintenance and operation personnel, so just find a network company to build a website and add some information, even if it is online promotion;

5. If the website planning, maintenance and operation are not ideal, according to the response, customers may learn about the company's technical strength, the company's overall image, company cases, companies and news through the website. ; If such information is not provided, or provided unreasonably, it will inevitably lead to customers' bad understanding of the company;

6. The advantage of corporate web hosting is that good web operators can manage the site, professional editors can maintain the site, and professional technology can maintain the entire site, professional marketers and promoters can customize the promotion plan for the site.