Five office commonly used Word layout skills to help you quickly complete layout

text alignment

In the office, Word is a commonly used tool. However, many people may have some trouble with typesetting. Today, I will share a few quick typesetting techniques to help you complete the typesetting work more efficiently.

First, text alignment

When inserting text in Word or making a resume, many people are accustomed to using the space bar to adjust the text alignment.merge word documents online i love pdf However, this method is not desirable, because when you open the document on a different computer, the alignment may change. The following is the correct procedure: select the text of the fewer words, click on the toolbar [Chinese Version] - [Adjust the width], and then adjust the [text width] and click [OK] can be.

Second, the uniform modification of the picture size

When more than one picture into a Word document at the same time, the size of the picture is often inconsistent. In order to modify the picture size, you can follow the steps below: Select the first picture right-click and select [size and location], modify the [height absolute value], uncheck the following [lock the aspect ratio], so that the width of the height will change with the change. After clicking [OK], the size of the first picture will be modified. Then, select the second picture and press the [F4] key to format copy, you can quickly and uniformly modify the size of all pictures.

Third, the production of joint headings

in the office, the production of red head joint issuance title is very common. The following is a simple procedure: first select the need to merge into a double line of text, and then click [Paragraph] - [Chinese version] - [Double line] can be completed. Finally, you can adjust the size of the text as needed.

Fourth, automatically generated directory

Manually enter the directory is very time-consuming and error-prone. Fortunately, in Word you can use the automatic generation of directories to improve efficiency. Here are the steps: First of all, open the directory of Word documents need to be produced, click [View] - [Outline] selected as a directory of subheadings for [Rating]. Exit the outline view, insert a blank page and move the mouse to a blank page, click [Citation] - [Directory] - [Auto Directory] can automatically generate the directory.

Fifth, the continuous merger of cells

merge cells in Word is often the need for the operation. In order to avoid repeatedly click the merge button, you can use the shortcut key [F4] to simplify the process. First of all, merge one of the cells, and then select another cell that needs to be merged, press [F4 key] to complete the previous step.

The above are a few Word typesetting techniques that I have shared with you. These skills are simple and easy to learn, I hope to help those who are not familiar with the layout of friends to improve efficiency. Remember to practice and practice, I believe you will become a skilled Word master!