Share a few ways to clean up your C drive for computer geeks to use

C disk cleanup example tutorial:

If your computer C drive has been in use for a long time, it is about to get full.merge pdf files i love pdf At this time, how do we clean up our computer C drive? Let's see how to clean up C disk.

C disk cleanup example tutorial:

Method one:

Right-click on the C drive, click C drive "Properties", click "Disk Cleanup".

2. Enable the content to be deleted, click "OK", and then click "Delete Folder" so that we can remove part of the C disk "waste", to release part of the interior space.

Method two:

1. Open Windows Settings and click System Software.

2. First click on "Storage", click on "Show more types.

3. See how much space each type has, we can delete according to their own situation.

4. After clicking on the temporary folder type, enable the content to be deleted, and then click "Delete Folder" to clear it.

Way three:

1. Look for "this computer" on the desktop, right-click the computer, and then click "Features".

2. Click "Advanced System Configuration".

3. In the advanced settings, click Change, cancel automatic management, and then click on the disk we should change, click Clear.

Way four:

1. Click Storage, then open "Storage Cognition" and click "Equip Storage Cognition or Instant Operation.

2. Set the operation storage cognizance to "Daily" and set the temporary folder to "1 day" so that the garbage can be cleaned automatically every day. If we don't clearly go back to the previous version of Windows, Windows can enable "Delete previous versions of Windows" so that it can also clear a few gigabytes of indoor space.

3. Click "Storage" and click "Store new knowledge".

4. Moderately adjusted to the D disk, the C disk to share some work pressure.

Way five:

You can also set the default settings of the software to save the path.

Way six:

When installing the program, you can also pay attention to its installation method, try not to install on the C disk.