What are the advantages of a cryogenic probe station? How stable?

What are the advantages of a cryogenic probe station? How stable?

Now more and more enterprise culture began to vigorously carry out the analysis of product development, because our country is now the social market update is very fast, the enterprise only to ensure that the student's own product design can be advantageous in the market economy, in order to avoid being eliminated by the market. With the continuous innovation and development of the technology of the probe table, the probe stationnow has a very wide range.

1. Meet the needs of different temperatures (very low temperature)

Because when testing wafers at low atmospheric temperatures, water vapor in the air will condense on the wafers, resulting in excessive leakage or the probes will not be able to contact the electrodes, and the test will fail. To avoid these, test probeit is necessary to evacuate the water vapor from the vacuum chamber before testing and keep the pump running throughout the test.

Oxidation is more pronounced when wafers are heated to temperatures of 300 °C, 400 °C, 500 °C or higher, and the higher the temperature, the more severe the oxidation. Excessive oxidation can lead to electrical errors, physical deformation and mechanical deformation of the wafer. To avoid this, oxygen is pumped out of the vacuum chamber prior to testing and the pump is kept running throughout the test.

During wafer testing, the temperature varies between low and high temperatures. Due to the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, there is a relative displacement between the probes being positioned and the device electrodes. At this point it is necessary to reposition the needle holder, the CINDBEST needle holder is located outside the cavity. We can also choose to use a joystick-controlled automatic needle holder to adjust the position of the probe.

2. Small size and high stability

Compared with the traditional probe stage, high and low temperature vacuum probe stage is more stable, the use of China's advanced technology for the process, so that the probe stage in the work of the development process of higher fluidity, higher smoothness,micromanipulator so that you can ensure the stability of the data of each experimental study, so that an experimental analysis of the results we will become more accurate, for our country's enterprises to quickly research and development of new products have a great deal to help the economy.

3. Lower cost, compatible with DC and RF test applications

This kind of probe table compared with the traditional probe table, the use of advanced synthetic materials, the cost is lower than the traditional probe table, but the functionality and accuracy is more powerful, so the sales are hot is also normal.

To summarize, the main reason for the sales of high and low temperature vacuum probe station is because of the affordable price, so that many companies see the benefits. But the low price doesn't keep it going, the reason it will continue is because it will become more powerful and able to meet the needs of the business.