What are the facial beauty programs in beauty salons?

What are the facial beauty programs in beauty salons?

1, facial cleaning program

Facial cleansing can accelerate facial aging, cuticle shedding, and can accelerate skin metabolism, if the face is not clean for a long time, it may cause pore clogging phenomenon, pore clogging is serious when you can do a small bubble deep cleaning project, the principle is to form a vacuum circuit through the vacuum negative pressure, will be the small bubbles and the nutrient solution to fully combine.

Specially designed small spiral shampoo directly on the skin, can let the small bubbles and skin contact for a long time, thus promoting the peeling of old keratin.

2、Hydrolight hydration program

Water light beauty, is a beauty salon in recent years the development of popular face hydration project project, generally refers to the water light needle or water light rejuvenation. The specific work is that we through the Chinese high-tech instruments will hyaluronic acid, growth environment factor, botulinum toxin and other products such as the main components of the analysis of the input into the skin to achieve a variety of corporate beauty effects of the beauty management methods, can effectively solve the skin dryness, dullness, pigmentation, acne marks, fine lines, skin laxity and other problems.

3、Facial Lifting Program

Women to a certain age, the face will appear wrinkles, skin a little sagging, which is a natural phenomenon, but can be used through beauty means to ease skin aging, tighten the skin. Radiofrequency cosmetology is a new type of widely used skin anti-aging method, which can achieve the purpose of tightening, anti-aging and whitening.

4, eye care program

The skin around the eyes is the most fragile and delicate part of the skin in our whole body, and the thickness is only one tenth of the ordinary skin. This part of the skin has less subcutaneous tissue, less secretion of glands, insufficient blood vessels and lymphatic vessels in the eyes, and slow circulation and metabolism. Without eye care or improper care, problems such as dark circles, crow's feet and eye bags will appear.

And beauty salons often use eye care equipment to provide customers with eye care,Mioggi Facial promote eye blood circulation, strengthen skin metabolism, increase eye skin tension and eliminate crow's feet.

If you want to go to the beauty salon to do beauty, you can choose some projects for their own skin, the skin is relatively dry with fine lines, you can go to the beauty salon to choose the facial hydration project, can be very effective to replenish the moisture of the face, to reduce the fine lines, if you have dull skin, thick keratin, you can choose the facial cleaning project, can reduce the face of the garbage, rejuvenation of the skin.

Of course, usually we learn to master the students correct beauty technology methods, pay attention to the usual hydration, moisturizing, sunscreen, before going to bed you can use some skin care products to develop moderate skin massage, can also be achieved through the beauty effect.