5 Benefits of Orgasm, Did You Know?


When it comes to orgasm, for men it's associative because the trigger pop is ejaculation, while for women it's hard to say because you can't have an orgasm every time you have sex.

Some women think, "It's okay, my husband is satisfied,vibrating gspot rabbit I don't care. "Is that really the case? I'm afraid you don't know the health benefits of orgasm!

Unlock the top 5 benefits of orgasm

1. Promote blood circulation

Research can be found that orgasm can promote the circulation of our body's blood system,the wand sex toy so that the blood flows smoothly through the reproductive organs, so that your organs and tissues to maintain a healthy.

When the body feels satisfied, there will be a burst of electric shock-like feeling, this current from the beginning to the end, as if opening the body, the blood back to the speed of the general.

2. Release stress

Sex can also be a way to release stress! At the climax of the sexual act,vibarator for women the human body will release endorphins similar to antidepressants, which can make people feel pleasure and make people feel more stable.

So, a real "love" will make you feel sleepy at the end of the day, because at this time, there seems to be no worries, no outside world, just you and him, want to cuddle and sleep.

3. Make you glow

After sex, your skin will become rosy and attractive, presenting heat, which is caused by a hormone called DHEA, when you are sexually aroused, this hormone will increase, making your skin healthier, just like applying a face mask!

4. It's an aerobic exercise

Orgasm can be considered as a kind of aerobic exercise, which can make your heart beat faster, blood pressure level increase and respiratory system frequency can be increased. During lovemaking, the body will also release endorphins during exercise, to obtain a similar health benefits brought about by the development of sports.

No wonder some people, usually do not see her weight loss exercise, but more and more thin, more and more good figure, this is the night secretly "exercise" ah.

5. Mental health

When you know how to make yourself orgasm, you can increase their emotional confidence and emotional intelligence. When you know more about your own body, it means you can get pleasure in it. You can make better choices in a relationship no matter who your sexual partner is.

Knowing your body and knowing where it will make you happy is nothing to worry about for women who don't have a partner because there are thousands of props that we can't change and pleasure can unlock itself, but be safe!