Do you still use anthelmintic to kill insects? The cure is not the root cause, use cyfluthrin, the eggs can be killed!

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Raising flowers and succulents during the maintenance period, especially in the spring, summer and fall seasons, the temperature is high, pests and diseases are particularly numerous, which has a very serious impact on the growth of plants,SWAN insect killer supplier especially livestock and meat, and the impact of pests and diseases on plants is very great, and can even be fatal.

Killing insects is essential during flower gardening. Even if there are no pests, it is important to prevent them in advance. It is impossible to say that at some point there will be an outbreak of a large number of pests. For example,SPRITEX insect killer manufacturer we have potted moonflowers in our house, which quietly grow all over the aphids. When the aphids appear, you may not have time to kill the insects.

Usually we need to use to the insecticide problem are "anthelmintic", anthelmintic powder, there are some liquid, because a mention of these pests, we can first think of anthelmintic, for the other product categories of insecticides simply do not necessarily understand,Chinese RAMBO Insecticide spray and have not seen, insecticides are very many types of chemicals! There are many kinds of insecticides, anticloprid is just as one of them, and it is also one of the most important basic insecticides.

The anthelmintic effect can be said to treat the symptoms but not the root cause, want to completely kill the pests, not at all, can only be seen on the surface of the pests can be seen to clear away, flower insecticide must be done thoroughly, otherwise the pests will be repeated, anthelmintic is only for the family to raise flowers to use, the majority of flower greenhouses, in fact, are used in other kinds of insecticides.

Insecticides can be categorized as horticultural and agricultural. Horticulture means growing flowers and agriculture means eliminating insects on crops. In order to completely eliminate pests, I suggest you use agricultural pesticides, which are highly potent and effective in killing insects. Insecticides can even penetrate into the soil of flowers to kill eggs, such as "deltamethrin", which is commonly used in agriculture. When mixed with water, the pesticide can penetrate into the flower soil and kill the eggs inside.

Cypermethrin in the use of attention, as far as possible to avoid direct contact with the skin, the concentration of cypermethrin agent in 25% or so, according to the proportion of water, cypermethrin insecticidal effect than imidacloprid hundreds of times better, raising flowers for a long time, including the raising of succulents is also the case, like antimethrin will not be someone to use, the effect of insecticide is too general.

The same price, it is more recommended to go with cyfluthrin, do not use do not know, use up to experience, can be used for a long period of time, for the home of succulents and ordinary flowering plants can be used, the home of the plants raised a lot of plants, you can choose to slightly larger bottles, the plants are raised very little, choose the smallest will be enough.

Insecticidal agent type exists a lot, more to try to go through the different brands, choose our own feel the most economical and practical, don't always think that imidacloprid is the best to use, good insecticidal agent in fact there are a lot of them, just the insecticidal effect of the agent is getting better and better, the price level is higher and higher.