What are the rules for writing SEO titles?


With the update of network algorithms, the proportion of keywords and Description in TDK is declining, but the importance of title has not wavered. Therefore, writing a good title is very important.

So what are the rules for writing titles?

1. Don’t pile similar keywords in the page title.

What is clearly stated here is that you cannot pile "close keywords" instead of "keywords". In other words,google seo course singapore writing titles cannot be too SEO-optimized. It is recommended to use keywords or stack them, but the number of keywords should not exceed 4 (less stacking).

2. Word count requirements

The number of words in the title is mainly determined by search engine display. If the title is too long and the core part is not displayed,google seo optimization guide even if the website has a good ranking, it will lose a lot of users. If the title is too short, users cannot intuitively grasp the basic information of the website. Therefore, the search engine has given a good positioning, that is, the title of the website can only display a maximum of 60 characters, that is, a maximum of 30 Chinese characters can be displayed, as long as it does not exceed 30 Chinese characters.

3. Punctuation marks

Although search engines have given a limit of 30 Chinese characters, they have not actually appeared in titles with 30 Chinese characters.seo agency singapore On the one hand, titles with 30 Chinese characters do exist and are difficult to determine. On the other hand, the company has no other titles. Several different user profiles will search for 30 Chinese characters on Internet search engines. Therefore, search engines use punctuation marks to effectively split the 30 Chinese character cultures. There are many kinds of punctuation marks. Here we only recommend the underscore commonly used by the system. For example, Shenzhen University English Education Training_Shenzhen Learning English Teacher Training Management Organization_Shenzhen English Training Class, the title of the website has 3 core titles and 21 Chinese characters, which meets the standards of search engines.

4. Precautions

Search engines treat each point differently, and website titles are no exception. Take the title of the above website "Shenzhen English Training Shenzhen English Training Institute Shenzhen English Training Class" as an example. The weight of Shenzhen English Training is greater than that of Shenzhen English Training Institute, so you must pay attention when writing the website title. The more important thing is to put the period Wait at the front, but the homepage title (title) of the website is easily judged by search engines as an accumulation of keywords, so be careful when writing the title.