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Aluminum Alloy Housing Cat5/5e/6 8P8C Ethernet LAN Cable Coupler with Weatherproof Dust Cap, 5PCS RJ45 CAT6 Panel Mount Connector,

Use: The field installable RJ45 female to female PCB signal panel coupler.

enables data and PoE connectivity over feed-through Cat5/5e/6 ethernet in industrial settings.

Durability: Hard to distort, wear-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy housing.

adapt to a wide range of severe conditions, including oxidation, acid, and alkali.

High-speed and Stable Transmission: The copper needles have gold-plated surfaces and sturdy brass connections.

Make sure the current is stable.

Up to 1000 Mbps of transmission speed.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION Simple installation requires only plugging in the standard crystal head straight without the use of tools or solder.

Quality Control: professional manufacturer of waterproof connectors.

A thorough check is performed before the product leaves the factory.

Feel free to contact us if you're not happy with the merchandise.

Solid Carbide CNC Spektra Extreme Tool Life Coated Spiral Carbon Grips, Amana Tool 46260-K

diameter (D): 1/8 (B) shank: 1/8; cutting height: 1/2 (D) Length overall (L): 2 10 flutes

216-259 uF/MFD 2 Packs Replacement 220-250V Round Start Capacitor by Blue Stars, Exact Fit for AC Run a motor, start a fan, and cool or use a heat pump Conditioning unit

216-259 uF/MFD 220-250V Round Start Capacitor Model Number Specifications - Round Motor Start; Capacitance: 216-259 uf; Rated Voltage: AC 220-250V; Tolerance: 20%; Dimensions of the capacitor are 36 x 85 mm, with a -40 to 65 °C operating temperature range, and a 10000 AFC rating.

ASSIGNMENT TO REPLACE - 6FLV8, CAP-216-250 ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - The replacement component has been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer and is made of sturdy, high-quality aluminum.

It also complies with OEM specifications, ensuring long-lasting and reliable operation.

Your electric motors will benefit from this capacitor's remarkable electrical properties, including its high capacitance stability over time and temperature, as well as its extremely low internal power loss.

✅ GUARANTEE OF MONEY-BACK - If for any reason you're not entirely pleased, you can request a replacement or full refund.

FR4 200x150mm 7.87x5.91 inch, 1.6mm Thickness Single-Sided Copper Clad Laminate PCB Circuit Board from uxcell 5 pieces of DIY Prototyping PCB Board with Name Board

Price: $17.49

Material: FR-4 Glass Fiber, Copper; Single-sided Layers.

Dimensions: 200x150mm/7.87x5.91 inches (L*W); approximate thickness: 1.6mm.

Excellent applications for creating PCB circuit boards and models.

widely used for maintenance, production, DIY experiments, and the development of new products.

Stable uses conductive tracks, pads, and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate to mechanically support and electrically link electronic components.

Note: To ensure that the carbon powder can be securely printed on the copper-clad laminate during transfer, the oxide layer on the surface of the copper-clad laminate needs to be sanded clear using fine sandpaper.

The board's surface should be polished bright and free of any noticeable stains.

FR-4 Glass Fiber, 100 x 70 x 2mm, Double Sided Copper Clad PCB Laminate Circuit Board, Aoje-Link, 10 pieces

Specifications: FR-4 Glass Fiber, Copper, 100 x 70 x 2mm (3.94 x 2.76 x 0.08") (L*W*T).

Application: Electronic circuit design, DIY electronics enthusiasts, teaching and training, and the production of handicrafts are the main uses.

Features: High-quality red copper plate and fiberglass board, exact etching circuit, close fit, good quality, no scratches, blisters, oxidation, falling off, etc.

, make this a perfect PCB substrate for hand-made or do-it-yourself circuits.

Corrosion resistance is a feature of the glass fiber board.

Drilling doesn't leave a burr on an etched circuit.

The copper surface is coated with insulating paint, which has strong adhesion, superior insulation performance, and is difficult to peel off.

The hole's roundness is very precise and difficult to distort.

Package includes 10...

GH60 PCB GK61 GK61x Hot Swap PCB YMDK Aluminum Brush Finish ANSI Anodized Positioning Board Plate

Plate included in package, one.

Copper stand and screws are not included.

Please take note that you cannot use this plate with the GK61, GK61x, or GK61s plastic cases.

Want to swap out a suitable GH60 casing This plate has a brush anodized finish.

It can only be used with stabilizers installed on plates.

If using a GK61/GK61x PCB, you may simply put 4-5 switches into a plate corner before plugging the PCB socket completely.

It is okay to mount additional switches one by one after the plate PCB has been fixed.

Finally, using the screws in your case to attach the PCB plate to the GH60 size case is acceptable.

The plate has a thickness of about 1.5mm.

BTF-LIGHTING 450LED 16.4ft 5m Natural White Light Ultra Bright Flexible 3014 LED Strip Extremely Narrow 3.0mm PCB SMD3014 90LED/m DC12V

Ultra-Narrow PCB.

The market's thinnest LED strip is this one.

PCB board in 3.0 mm (0.13 in).

to save space.

Lightness High caliber Every third LED of the 3014 SMD Top LED's 450 LEDs (90 LED/M) can be cut.

Self-Adhesive Tape that Sticks.

You no longer need to be concerned about the LED rope lights falling off thanks to stronger back tape.

a safe use.12V is the working voltage.

Very little heat.

This strip, which is not waterproof, is safe for kids to touch.


can be used for DIY lighting at home, weddings, festivals, and parties.

It also works well as accent lighting for architectural features like bars, clubs, theaters, shops, and restaurants.

Capacitor by BlueStars, 45uf, 370-440VAC

40 uF/MFD 370-440VAC Round Run Start Capacitor Model Number Specifications - Capacitor size: 50 mm x 105 mm; capacitance: 45 uf; rated voltage: AC 370-440V; tolerance: 5%; shape: round run; Operating temperature: -25 to 70 degrees Celsius; 10000 AFC; no PCBs A PRECISE REPLACEMENT: It is the ideal alternative to address cooling issues in gear motor and air conditioner applications.

✅ HIGHEST QUALITY The replacement part: - Meets OEM specifications - Ensures long-lasting and efficient operation - Is built of sturdy, high-quality aluminum and has undergone rigorous testing by the manufacturer.

With its exceptional electrical properties of high capacitance stability across time and temperature and extremely low internal power loss, this capacitor will give your electric motors an edge.

% : Customer satisfaction...

OLYMSTAR 24W LED Ring Light Module Replacement for Flush Mount Ceiling Lights, Replacement for Circle Fluorescent Bulbs, Retrofit LED Light Engine 6000K

Magnet Mount, Easy to Install With the help of the included magnets, it can be securely fastened to the metal base and the wire can be connected with our connector with no tools required. China wholesale Long PCB Manufacturer

Energy Saving and Long Lifespan: This LED replacement light kit has higher heat dissipation than other LED bulbs, allowing it to last longer than other LED bulbs; it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is five times longer than that of CFLs (10,000 hours).

In addition, we provide a 3-year warranty that is risk-free and requires the least upkeep.

With the help of the optical lens and high-quality LEDs uniformly distributed throughout the screen, the panel is very bright.

Better SecureUse the most up-to-date integral driver and 85- to 265-volt AC drive technology for your luxurious ceiling lights.

Heat is generated by the huge metal PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

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