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VEVOR Heavy Duty Chain Lock, 2/5" x 6.58' Security Chain and Lock Kit, Premium Case-Hardened Chain Pure Brass Lock Core with 3 Keys, Fit for Bikes, Motorcycle, Generator, Gates, Scooter

Cross-Section of a Square Chain: 2/5 Inch x 6.58 Feet.

Unlike standard round and hexagonal cross-sections, the heavy-duty chain lock cross-sections are square, with a bigger cross-section area and increased shear strength.

As a result, it is difficult to cut with wire cutters or any other hand tool.

Enhanced Security Locks The sturdy lock that is fixed to the security chain and lock kit provides a high level of security and is not easily broken.

Additionally, the lock core of the chain is constructed entirely of pure copper, which has the ability to prevent corrosion and bacteria growth.

Heavy-duty motorbike locks are constructed of high-strength Hadfield steel, which efficiently withstands challenging operating circumstances.

Galvanizing the chain surface makes it harder, improving rust and wear resistance.

Liquid Nitrogen Resistance: The premium case-hardened security chain and lock set contains a protective sleeve on the outer layer that increases the protection force by 60%, effectively preventing liquid nitrogen corrosion, and extending the service life.

Wide Range of Uses: The steel motorcycle disc lock is frequently used on tricycles, doors, grilles, ladders, electric vehicles, bicycles, and automobiles.

As a bike lock, motorbike lock, combination lock, cable lock, or chain lock, security chain and lock kits are frequently employed.

Professional Stage Smoke Machine, 1500 Watt Fog Machine with 2 Sets of Controllers for DJ Halloween Parties, Weddings, and Christmas

The phrase "Professional Stage Fog Machine"1500W electricity, only has to warm up for 3–4 minutes, and can quickly fill an 800 square foot room with smoke. wholesale Liquid N2 Generator Manufacturer

It can spray 20–30 feet of smoke for 40–60 seconds at a time, producing roughly 25000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of non-toxic fog.

It may be used constantly for 3–4 hours using a 2200 ml tank.

Two separate controller setsa wireless remote control with a maximum range of 160 feet and a 5 foot long corded control.

Using two sets of independent control systems simultaneously during performances is more practical.

Spray Smoke Automatically, Overheat ProtectionWhen the machine temperature reaches the predetermined smoke temperature, press the red button on the controller, and the machine will automatically spray smoke without further action.

Additionally, the device has an overheating protection system to assure user safety.

Broadly UsedIn order to create a loud and energetic environment for events like live concerts, stages, Halloween, weddings, or family amusement gatherings, this fog machine is perfect for both commercial and residential use.

Our company is dedicated to offering stage equipment of the highest caliber, and all of our products have obtained CE certification.

Please contact us if you have any issues while using this product, and we will be pleased to offer you the highest caliber after-sales assistance.

Sprayer for Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Freeze Treatment by CGOLDENWALL, 500 ml


This sprayer's large capacity and 9 frozen heads make it suitable for ophthalmology, dermatology, anal, and other uses.

It stores liquid nitrogen more effectively because to its double stainless steel body insulation and stainless steel cover.

Small Size and Light Weight: It is portable and lightweight (2.5 kg), making it simple to carry and use.

Change the freezing head according to your needs in step one of the operation.


Pour 400 ml of liquid nitrogen.


The liquid nitrogen will spray out when the control valve is tightly closed.

Be aware that there is no liquid nitrogen present for easy transportation.

You must therefore purchase liquid nitrogen on your own; I appreciate your understanding.

Max Wide Rock-N-Roller R16RT 84" to 52" Telescoping Frame/8-in-1 Folding Multi-Cart/Hand Truck/Dolly/Platform Cart/600 lbs. Black Load Capacity

replaces 8 various cart kinds instantly by transforming into 8 different shapes.

carries a lot of gear but packs down tiny for storage.

R-Trac tires provide exceptional traction and a smooth ride similar to pneumatic tires without the headache of maintenance or repair.

Steel with a texture and powder coating is sturdy and helps prevent slipping while being transported.

featured in engineering textbooks for colleges for its excellent design

A11021800ux0169 by Uxcell is an SN04-N DC 10-30V 200mA NPN NO 3-Wire 4mm Approach Sensor Inductive Proximity Switch.

Price: $7.67

Proximity Switch Sensor, Model SN04-N, Type NPN NoInductive sensor, in theorySwitch Appearance Type: Rectangle Type; Wire Type: 3-Wire Output: Switching Transducer; Sensing Distance: 4mm (+/- 10%); Working Voltage: 10-30V DC;

Maximum response frequency is 500Hz; red LED indicator;Size (W*H*L): 18 x 18 x 36 mm/0.7" x 0.7" x 1.4"

"Cable Length: 135cm/53";Hole Size: 0.9 x 0.4cm/0.35" x 0.2"(L*W);External Material: ABS Resin"

Net Weight: 48g; Black and Green;2 screws and 1 proximity sensor switch are included in the package.

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