Office daily computer office must master some basic skills

WORD micro shift skills

In our correct mastery of daily office software operation, the flexibility to master some office skills,online pdf conversion free and then skillfully used, can effectively improve the efficiency of our daily office. Especially in the work of the computer office, if you master these skills, you can greatly improve the efficiency of the office.

Text graphics and text mixing skills

If the graphic is pasted into the Word document, the graphic will cover the text, you can not use the cursor keys to move it. At this point, simply use the left mouse button to select it, and then click the right button, select the menu item "Set Optional Graphics Format", click the "Layout" tab, select "Floating in the text below"! to make the picture in the document area free to move, and will not cover the text.

WORD micro shift skills

Usually use the cursor keys to move the Word document pictures, optional graphics or art when it is a character by a character .convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online Move, can not get to realize the precise layout of the enterprise, this time if we select it with the mouse and then use the "Ctrl + cursor keys" can be made to study the object as a Chinese pixel is a pixel-based precision movement.

WORD clever selection

Sometimes in Word documents have more than one picture, optional graphics and art words. If you want to move them according to the existing spacing, you can hold down the Shift key, and then use the left mouse button to select them in turn, and then use the cursor keys or Ctrl cursor keys to move them.

Use WORD columns to page the document

If you want to insert in the Word document column by column that has been divided, in addition to first insert the separator and then set the page number, you can also use a combination of self-selected graphics and text to achieve: First select a self-selected graphics, such as a diamond or a circle, which will be drawn to the location of the page number, and then enter the text in the page number, move to the middle of the graphic can be. Repeat once per column, the page number to make the appropriate changes,convert word to pdf without losing formatting so you can make a very personalized page number.

With Excel accurate calculations

When using Excel for corporate financial data operations, careful friends may affect the discovery of the results of its calculations and analysis of the results we may sometimes use electronic scientific calculators designed to calculate the development of the results of a slight difference, especially in the study of a number of divisions as well as arithmetic and leave a remainder of the case. The solution is also very simple, the use of Round function for each student intermediate value of the rounding operation, the format is: Round (value, the number of decimal places retained), its role is mainly to specify the specific value of the method of rounding, retaining their own specified number of decimal places.

Daily office computer operation of office software, these skills are often used, the efficiency is still very good.