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In the context of the global digital economy, with the rapid development of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, as well as people's growing concern for information security, enterprises and institutions are faced with an increasingly complex and emerging network environment, the requirements for improving work efficiency and document information protection is increasing. Based on this, the software will be PDF technology combined with cloud technology, launched a cloud-based cross-platform, installation-free Advanced PDF Editor Web version.

Advanced PDF Editor Web Edition provides the same features as Advanced PDF Editor,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files including conversion, editing, page management, annotations, forms, and PDF document manipulation features such as protection and signature. It can only be used through a browser and supports accessing and working with documents anytime, anywhere, better enabling PDF documents to take advantage of the Internet and cloud services for their interactivity, efficiency and information security. In terms of performance, it runs entirely in the user's browser, with good compatibility and smooth functionality. In terms of operation, it is independent of hardware and operating system facilities, providing a consistent experience for all users, simplifying enterprise IT deployment and reducing operating costs.

Cloud-based PDF editor gives a more complete and convenient product experience, favored by industry users. Next, let's take a look at the advanced PDF editor web version in several key areas of the typical application.

For the field of social education and research, teachers and students of colleges and universities can invest directly in the authorization of the web version of Advanced PDF Editor through the CARSI login system at the same time, which greatly simplifies the login steps. With the help of advanced PDF editor web version, teachers and students will also be able to create a different format to generate PDF format to achieve document submission and preservation, but also through the management of page conversion, insert multimedia production of content-rich courses.

Depending on the needs of the legal user, the Advanced PDF Editor web page can scan PDF documents with text recognition capabilities to make them searchable, editable, and identify and retrieve legal documents by adding watermarks, headers, footers, and Evan Bates numbers. In order to protect their defense from arbitrary changes, legal practitioners can also set up password and certificate protection to further improve the security of document information.

In the pharmaceutical industry business document management process, GMP certification, process document generation, drug formulas, list of drug varieties, list of raw materials, process layouts, process flow charts, production management documents can be displayed, edited and protected by advanced PDF editor web pages.

In order to effectively retrieve and digitize a large number of paper documents in the financial industry, practitioners can use the advanced PDF editor web page will be the original paper documents into PDF interactive form, form data can be submitted directly to the database for internal systems query, history of the document can be generated through the text recognition of the searchable and editable PDF documents, and at the same time, through the encrypted text protection function so that private information The encrypted text protection feature makes private information less sensitive and improves the security of documents distributed to the outside world.