How to compress PDF file size? Master five lossless data compression

compressed files

PDF files are people in the study and work often come into contact with a format.convert word to pdf with embedded excel files However, due to its number and size, often affect the transmission efficiency, to the computer storage space to bring a certain burden. In fact, you can reduce the file size by compression, but most users are worried because they can't find a suitable method. So, how to compress the size of PDF files? Please do not worry, the following share five worthy of mastering, you can realize the lossless compression method. Let's take a look.

Method 1, manually delete compressed files

Documents can not be sent out, sometimes delay the progress of work. So in order to perfectly avoid being plagued by specific problems, we need to compress PDF files to facilitate us to send and receive. If the current need to compress the PDF file is very small, or the file has some irrelevant content. Then you can choose some special editing tools, open the PDF files need to be compressed, and then manually remove the useless content.

Method 2, packing tools for compression of technical documents

For common file compression operations, most users may first want to use the packing tool for compression, although this method of compression of PDF files of their own file size does not work, but through camouflage, several files together to reduce the size of the transmission process to facilitate the process because the PDF file is too large to be successful. First of all, right-click the PDF document to be compressed and select add to archive.jpg to pdf converter and combine in the pop-up compression box, select the desired compression format and compression level, click "OK" button.

Method 3, Reliable software compression files

Generally speaking, for PDF related issues, most users will pursue the conversion speed and effect, so in this case, you can use reliable software to try.

Reliable software compression files

Method 4, office function compressed files

I believe that many of our business users, in the use of PDF documents, encountered PDF files for compression of the probability is also relatively high, then they in order to be able to enhance the efficiency of the work, but also through the use of network office system software built-in functions designed to be completed. wps is a product of a richer function of the office management software, not only students can improve the editing techniques common documents, but also support PDF format conversion, compression, merger and other operations.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf First of all, you can open the WPS software on the computer, and at the top to find the "PDF compression" function. Then, the need to keep compressed PDF file information added to it, after confirming that there is no error click on the "start time compression" can be.

Method 5, online platform compressed files

In addition to the four methods shared above, if you do not want to install third-party software on the computer, then the use of online platforms are very suitable for you.

Online platform to compress files

Compression of PDF file size method, small let you share here, I hope you can help us. By the way, we note that all five methods are suitable for the PC side of the implementation of the computer is suitable for computers used to deal with documents. So, after today's content, you learned how to compress pdf?