Mastering PPT: mastering the art of making effective presentations!

PPT production skills

PPT document is actually a kind of presentation that is often used, and it is used in many activities of the company. The following is a simple PPT production skills, welcome to read, I hope to be able to help you!

Simple PPT production skills

1 Let the slide show automatically

Simply right-click the document when playing it, and then perform the "Show" command in the pop-up menu, or double-click it after changing the file extension from ppt to pps, and then open the document.

2 automatic thumbnail effect

A new enterprise for a student presentation, click the "Insert" menu in the "Object" command, select "microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Design", insert this one through the "Object" command. ", insert such a picture through the picture, the size of the picture can be changed to the size of the teacher's presentation, exit the object of the editor's state of affairs, it will be reduced to the appropriate size, press the F5 key demonstration. Next, just copy the content object of the presentation we inserted in this process, change as well as the picture in it, and arrange is the position information between their development can be.

3 Copy slides

In Normal View, in the Outline or Slide options, select the slides you want to copy. If you want to select multiple slides in sequence, press the Shift key while clicking; if not, press the CTRL key while clicking. Then on the Insert menu, click Slide Copy, or just press the key combination CRL + SHIFT + d. The selected slides will be copied directly after the selected slides enter Insert mode.

4 To send a slide to word.

1 Open the presentation, and then on the File menu point to "Send", and then click "Microsoft Word"; 2 In the "Add slides to Microsoft Word document Under "Add slides to a Microsoft Word document", if you want to embed the slides into a Word document, click "Paste"; if you want to link the slides to a Word document, click "Paste Exercise"; 3 click "OK". OK".

5 Quickly change the color of a picture

Right-click on the clip art and select the Show Picture Toolbar option. Click the Recolor Picture button on the Picture Toolbar to change the colors in the picture in the dialog box that appears.

6 Add a company logo to a PowerPoint presentation.

Execute the view-master-slide master command. In the slide master view, place the logo in the appropriate place, close the master view and return to the normal view, you can see the logo on each page.

7 "Saving" special fonts

Execute File-Save As, click Tools in the dialog box, select the Save option in the drop-down menu, select the "Embed truetype fonts" item in the pop-up dialog box, and then select "Embed only used characters" or "Embed all characters", as needed. "Embed all characters" item, and finally click OK to save the file.

8 Picture update at any time

To insert a picture, execute the insert-picture-from file, and then open the Insert Picture window to insert a picture. After selecting the picture to be inserted, click the "Insert" button on the right side of the window, select the "Link File" item in the drop-down list that appears, and then click "OK".

9 easily hide some of the slides

in normal view, in the left window, hold down the ctrl key, click to hide the slide, click the right mouse button pop-up menu, select "Hide Slide". If you want to cancel the hidden, just select the appropriate slide, and again to do the above operation can be.

10 will be used as a picture file can be used as a project symbol

First of all, select the text or list to add picture bullet points, click Format Bullets and Numbers, click Pictures on the Bullet Points tab, and then open the Clip Manager, you can select the picture bullet points.

11 Quickly select multiple objects

Click the triangular arrow on the right side of the Drawing toolbar (Toolbar Options), point to Add or Remove Buttons - Drawing, and then choose Select Multiple Objects to add it to the Drawing toolbar. Click it to open the Select Multiple Objects dialog box. Another way: Click the menu Command Tools - Customize, click the Commands tab in the dialog box that opens, and then select Drawing in the category, select Select Multiple Objects in the Command column, and drag it to any position in the toolbar.

12 Create colorful formulas

Select your edited formula, and then right-click and select "Show 'Picture' Toolbar" command from the pop-up shortcut menu. Click the "picture" toolbar in the "picture recolor" button, you can open the "dialog box" to change the color of the formula.

13 quickly call other ppt

Slide tab, so that the cursor is placed in the location of the enterprise needs to constantly copy the slide,word to pdf converter free download offline select "Menu" in the "Slide (from file)" command, in the open "Slide Finder "dialog box in the open" Slide Finder "system settings, through the" Browse "to select the slide we need to copy a large number of design files, so that it appears in the" Selected Slides "list box, select their own need to be able to insert the slides. Click "Insert", if students need to use the existing slides in the insert data list management, directly or click "Insert All Information".

14 Flexible Background Settings

You can remove the main background from the current slide by going to the Format menu,pdf split and merge download online then selecting Background and choosing the Ignore main background graphic option.

15 Preventing Modification

Click Tools-Options-Security and set the Modify Permissions Password to prevent the ppt document from being modified. In addition, you can save the ppt as pps format, and you can play the slideshow directly after double clicking the file.

16 ppt edit filter correctly

Hold down ctrl and click Watch Screening in the Slide Show menu. At this time, the slide show will narrow the presentation window to the lower left corner of the screen. Modify the slide, the presentation window will be minimized, and then switch to the presentation window to see the corresponding effect after the modification is completed.

17 Quickly Position Slides

When playing ppt, if you want to fast forward mode or return to the 5th slide, you can do so by this way to realize: press the number 5 key, and then press the enter key. If you want to return to the first slide from any different location of the students, there is another important method for an important method: press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time and stay for more than 2 seconds.

18 Creating Scrolling Text

Methods: View - Toolbar - Control Box, open the Control Toolbox,convert word to pdf with embedded excel files click the "Text Box" option, insert the "Text Box" control, and then hold down the left mouse button in the slide editing area to drag out a text box, and according to the layout to adjust its position and size. Then right-click the text box, select the Properties command on the shortcut menu, the Text Box Properties window appears, set some properties of the text box in the Properties window. In the right-click on the "text box", in the "Edit" command, select "Text Box Object", in the text editing, in the text box, click the mouse anywhere, you can exit the editorial state.

19 use the brush to mark

In the open presentation for the manuscript in the right mouse click, and then we can choose the "Pointer Question Options - Drawing" can be used, after the end, press the esc key can be realized to exit.

20 quickly adjust the text size

The easiest way is: select text and press ctrl ] is the method text, ctrl [ is to shrink the text.