How to improve the quality of hotel management services?

How to improve the quality of hotel management services?

How to improve the quality of hotel management services?

Ways to improve hotel service quality:

1. Cultivate employees' sense of service.

The service consciousness of employees is one of the basic qualities of employees, and it is also the basic guarantee to improve the service quality. outcall massage hong kong In many cases, the quality of the hotel service has not improved, and the hotel staff are complained by the guests, not because the hotel staff is not skilled in service skills or operational skills, but because the lack of service awareness necessary as a waiter, do not understand the true meaning of "service" and service work requirements for service personnel.

2. Strengthen training to master service skills.

The service skills and operational skills of hotel attendants are important guarantees to improve the quality of hotel services and work efficiency, and are also necessary conditions for the work of hotel attendants. outcall massage services Hotel managers should improve the service skills of hotel service personnel by strengthening training and organizing service skills competitions.

3. Provide "Smile education service" for guests

In order for hotel staff to provide a smile service to guests, it is necessary to make staff aware of:

(1) Smile service is an important part of the hotel service quality, is the guest's basic requirements for hotel service.

(2) To provide guests with a smile service is a basic requirement for hotel staff.

(3) Smiling face always open state will make your service nation shine.

(4) Whether to provide guests with smile service, reflecting a person's courtesy and overall quality.

4. Establish time standards for daily service

Service quality is related to a certain service efficiency, service efficiency is one of the important standards to measure the quality of service, the service required by the guests, must be provided in the shortest time for the guests, especially business guests, cherish the time as gold, the concept of time is very strong. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of service, the hotel department must establish a time standard for daily service, and take this as the supervision and assessment standard for employees.

5. Cooperate and coordinate with other hotel departments.

In order to improve the quality of our hotel management service products, we should also do a good job in cooperation and coordination with the hotel and other relevant departments, especially the front office department, engineering Department, food and beverage department, security department and other departments. The hotel Department lives in close contact with these corporate departments, and the Hotel Department's guest service staff must be able to address the above departments with understanding and support. Similarly, the hotel department must understand and support the work of these departments, and at the same time, strengthen the exchange of information with these resource departments.

Solicit guests' opinions on service quality and pay attention to communication with guests

Guests are the consumers of service products, have the most say on the quality of service products, and can find the weak links of hotel services. Therefore, seeking the opinions of guests and paying attention to communication with guests is an important way to improve the quality of hotel service.

6. There are two ways to consult guests:

(1) Set up guest feedback form

(2) Visiting guests

(3) Strengthen communication with guests through hotel message.

7. Strengthen the training of employees in appearance and politeness education

The appearance and politeness of the staff not only reflect the personal quality of the staff, but also reflect the spirit of the hotel staff, which is an important part of the quality of room service. Managers must strengthen staff training in this area.