Quartz Fiber Wallcovering, Wall Decoration Materials

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The appearance of quartz fiber wallcovering is regarded as "a revolution in building decoration materials" by industry experts. It is the fifth generation of wall decorative material after chalk, wallpaper, stone and paint. Since quartz fiber wallcovering has various knitting patterns, it can be combined and matched with various color coatings, providing rich decorative choices for wall decoration. In addition,carrara quartz benchtops it has excellent performance in fireproofing, acid resistance, alkali resistance, impact resistance, anti-cracking, anti-static, breathability, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in hotels, office buildings, theaters, schools, hospitals, families and so on, and it is a new type of green wall decoration material.

Quartz fiber wallcovering has superior performance:

Suitable for all kinds of walls: quartz fiber wallcovering is suitable for all kinds of walls, including plaster walls, cement walls, tile walls, wooden walls and so on. If you feel that the walls of your home is a bit "grimy",calacatta gold quartz supplier quartz fiber wallpaper for transformation, can easily bring a new effect.

Colorful pattern: quartz fiber wallpaper has a rich textile pattern, can provide a variety of choices, and each piece of quartz fiber wallpaper surface shows a different texture and bump, rich in extraordinary touch and three-dimensional effect. If you want to make your home different, the wall with quartz fiber wallpaper is like a canvas, which can be freely brushed with various colors of paint to express your own personality.

Fire safety and non-toxic security: because quartz fiber wallpaper using 100 percent quartz weaving, so it is a natural non-combustible materials, has very good fire performance. In addition, according to statistics, more than 95% of deaths in fires are caused by the heat of building materials discharging toxic gases and releasing smoke, which suffocates people. Quartz fiber wallcovering is inherently non-toxic material, even when heated, it will not release toxic gases and smoke, with reliable safety and non-toxicity.

FREE BREATHING WALL: The gap between quartz fiber weft and warp yarns makes quartz fiber wallcovering breathable. So quartz fiber wallcovering, even in a humid environment, moisture is easy to spread to ensure that the wall is not moldy or discolored. In the silence of the night, listen carefully, the walls of your home in the free breathing.

Strength indestructible: I can not imagine in the quartz fiber wallpaper noble and elegant elegant temperament, but has a clanking bone like indestructible tough character. As a quartz silk braid, its toughness can play a protective role in preventing cracks in the wall, the wall rupture. Moreover, any insects and bacteria can do nothing to the quartz material, because it is born with the function of preventing insect bites. And quartz dimensional diameter is coarse, does not produce dust, so the human respiratory system, in line with the World Health Organization "absolute health and safety materials" requirements.

Chemical resistance: quartz fiber wallcovering is made of natural quartz material with natural acid and alkali resistance, so it can withstand the corrosion of any chemical detergent. Whether you use acidic or alkaline detergents, you can safely clean the dirt that the wall accidentally touches. If you have a naughty child at home, you won't have to be as angry as "Big Face" at the wall.

Waterproof, washable, brush-resistant: The secret of the incredible waterproofness of the fiber wallcovering lies in the molecular waterproof membrane layer, which gives it the characteristics of washable, clean and convenient. High-quality Insea fiber wallcovering can be washed more than 10,000 times, with a service life of more than 15 years, and the color can be changed 5 times without affecting the breathability, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.