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High precision 200MSa/s Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator, Professional Upgraded DDS Signal Generator Counter, Seesii 60MHz

Price: $139.99

Enhancing Signal StabilityThe Seesii Dual-channel DDS arbitrary waveform generator uses a high-speed MCU microcontroller and a large-scale FPGA integrated circuit.

As a baseline, the internal circuit uses an active crystal oscillator.

As a result, the signal stability is substantially improved.

STOCK AND CUSTOM 99 groups of instrument state parameters, which the user sets, can be stored and called up for replication.

Sine waves have a maximum output frequency of 60MHz.

a sampling rate of 200MSa/s.

It can save user-defined waveforms in 60 places.

Additionally, it comes with an excellent software suite that enables you to design your own wave and frequency combinations.

Once you've saved them, you can remove the device from the computer and use the files however you like.

Extremely precise To provide an output signal that is exact, reliable, and low in distortion, dual-channel DDS signal and TTL electric level output are used.

supports user-defined waveforms, white noise, sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and sawtooth waves.

The parameters can be independently set for each channel.

Each channel's duty cycle can be altered independently.

Precision may be within 0.1%.

Fractional MeterUsing logarithmic frequency sweep and linear sweep functions (maximum up to 999.9s).

has the ability to monitor frequency, period, pulse width (both positive and negative), and count.

You are able to enter up to 20 volts using the parameters.

Lightweight, portable, and compactYou may easily control things with an intuitive control panel.

The best tool for electronic engineering, labs, production lines, instruction, and scientific research is this signal generator.

Both professionals and beginners should use this vital resource.

gloves for the cold Protective gloves for liquid nitrogen at low temperatures Gloves for Cold Storage Safety

The three-layer gloves have two layers of composite Nylon Taslan and PTFE material and one layer of cotton. wholesale PSA N2 Generators supplier

Most hands can fit into all those gloves.

Mid Arm Length (13.8"), Elbow Length (17.7), Shoulder Length (24.5") are the lengths of the gloves from tip to tip.

Low temperature range: -450°F to 298°F/-268°C to +148°C.

chilly and stay warm.

Keep these gloves in a dry location while not in use.

Can be used in liquid nitrogen workplaces, frozen laboratories, and low temperature warehouses.

Pine Ridge Archery's NITRO BUTTONS - ARCHERY RELEASE BUTTON - E BUTTON - 6 Pc. Pack (Multi Colors)

Eliminate unwelcome bow vibration and noise

up the bow speed

Install instantly

Cotter pin is present.

Made in the USA

Handheld Hydrogen Generator, with 150 H and 75 OPEM Water Electrolysis Ionizer, 225 ml/min Dual Outlet H2 Generator, for Inhalation and Hydrogen Water

Price: $369.99

A high-quality hydrogen machine, the electrolytic cell is constructed from imported American high-purity platinum coating N117+ proton membrane, and the shell is made of anodized 6063 aerospace aluminum alloy, which is incredibly strong and dependable.

can prevent fatigue from the nerves, calm the body and mind, preserve energy, and increase productivity.

Elevated Concentration: Two outlets, 150 ml/min for hydrogen and 75 ml/min for oxygen, and compact volume.

PEM technology, ozone and chlorine free, 99.99% high purity.

The combination of H2 can use either the O or the hydrogen outlet by itself, or it can use both O and hydrogen.

HYDROGEN OXYGEN GENERATOR WITH MULTIFUNCTION: Dual-purpose, all-in-one device for creating hydrogen water and breathing in.

With the included hydrogen infusing stick, this machine can generate up to 1600 ppb of hydrogen for use in a variety of water and beverages.

HEAVY SAFETY: TDS water quality, filter replacement, overvoltage, overheating, machine imbalance, low water pressure, and functional flow display.

Internal design featuring independent systems for gas, water, and electricity; tilt detection to avoid spill damage OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE Quality and customer service are our main priorities, and they make us proud!

Replacement or refund services, as well as attentive email support, are always available from us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We want your opinions and suggestions for optimization.

Cheers to your shopping!

High Purity Hydrogen Gas Generator HGH-300E: 0-300 ml

Price: $1.00

Large volume of highly pure hydrogen produced, low pool temperature, and large electrolyzing area.

Lye is directly used as the electrolyte in this type of alkaline High Purity Hydrogen Generator.

A gas chromatograph is required for use with it.

With its wide range of applications in the petroleum, chemical, coal, food, beverage, electric power, and other laboratory analysis and testing departments, the product is appropriate for a variety of gas chromatographs.

AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator Rectifier 3000 3200 3300 3500 3550 3600 3650 4000 Watt Mecotime 2~4KW 3500 4000 Watt Generator For Generator, 2/3/3.5/4KW Strength*mate Champion of Hon*da Black*max

Price: $9.99

Included in the package is one AVR square voltage regulator (with carbon brush).

290440009 is the replacement part number for the generator AVR.

In line with Hon*da clone generators ranging from 2kw to 4kw.

It can be substituted with a 2–4 kW generator equipped with an aluminum shell AVR (half moon type and rectangle type).

Mode 3000, 3200, 3300, 3500, 3550, 3600, 3650, and 4000 Watt are compatible with the Voltage Regulator AVR.

six horsepower, six horsepower, seven horsepower Generators, Champ, Hon*da GX clone, Har*bor Freight Predator, Man*fier, Power*partner, Wen, Sports*man, Cole*man, Duro*star, Lifan, Jiang*dong, Westing*house, Gene*rac, All power, Black*max, Power*max, Duro*max, ETQ, A*ipower, Power*stroke, Hus*ky, Chi*cago, Ryo*bi, etc.

Note: --- The copper voltage adjustment screw is needed to match the generator and AVR exactly.

Because the GX clone may have different specifications, please confirm that the generator's rated power and mounting hole size are appropriate.

Low power output generators are fully compatible with high output AVRs.

Conversely, generator sets with high power output cannot be used with low output AVR.

The installation center's distance is 93 ± 1 mm, or roughly 3 33/50 inches.

This Automatic Voltage Regulator Rectifier Generator AVR is compatible with generators that run on GX160, GX200, 159, 196, 212, and 224 cc engines, among others.

This is a Nature's Generator Platinum System 1800W Solar & Wind Powered Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Generator with a 1200Wh Power Pod (1920Wh total) and three 100W solar panels that are gasless, fumeless, and infinitely expandable.

Price: $1.00

What's Available to You:One 1800W Nature's Generator (on a cart); One Nature's Generator Power Pod (equipped with a 35-inch extension cable); Three Nature's Generator 100 watt solar panel on wheels Note: Although you must install the product's accessories yourself, we have included all the necessary tools and thorough installation instructions in the packaging.

For instance, you will have to mount the wheels for the solar panels.

Three Options for Generator Recharge: AC power, wind turbines, and solar panels.

The strength of the wind or sunshine affects how quickly something recharges.

Three Options for Generator Recharge: AC power, wind turbines, and solar panels.

The strength of the wind or sunshine affects how quickly something recharges.

Excellent in Capacity: A polycrystalline solar panel has a maximum charging power of 100W.

To increase conversion, we employ 50 feet of 12 AWG pure copper cable that has received UL approval.

Three adjustable orientations allow solar panels to fully capture sunlight.

How to Care for and Store: Please make sure you recharge your Nature's Generator every four months and keep it somewhere cool, dry, and aired.

To fully charge the batteries when your Nature's Generator is in storage, simply connect it to the solar panel.

Findmall 4 KW Voltage regulator for generators: 4.5KW, 5KW, 5.5KW, 6KW, 6.5KW

Price: $15.47

4 KW 5KW 4.5KW Generator: 5.5KW, 6KW, 6.5KW Adjustable Voltage 450V, 470uF capacitance hole to hole in the center is 5.5 inches/140 mm.

Compatible: Automatic Generator with Voltage Regulator 4 KW 5 KW 6KW 5.5KW 6.5KW, 7KW, 7.5KW

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