Don't ignore these 7 parts when taking a bath! Massage for a few minutes to drive away the disease in the body!


Winter and spring seasons, the weather often changes, the body is prone to many problems:itchy skin, dandruff increase, eczema, not only that, but also repeated colds, nasal congestion, diarrhea and other discomforts. These troubles may reflect a problem, which is the lack of yang qi!

Want to get to improve this development,outcall massage services there is a way with a particularly good - bathing! Not only a simple cleaning, but through the combination of conducting acupressure exercises on the whole body to do a maintenance, to help the yang qi born, to drive away the body disease qi!

What do I do? Learn now!

A bath massage learned, 7 acupuncture points to make up a year of Yang.

1. Top of the head: Hundred Points

Located in the middle of the top of the head of the Hundred Points is the sum of the human body meridians, a hundred veins will meet, through the whole body. Massage Baihui point can relax the cerebral nerves, wake up the brain,erotic massage hong kong back to the Yang fixed off, but also can relieve dizziness, headache, tinnitus, nasal congestion and other cold symptoms, on the protection of cerebral blood vessels, the prevention of strokes also have certain benefits.

2. Behind the ear: Yifeng point, Fengchi point

Behind the ear to carry out the back is often can be ignored by everyone cleaning and hygiene dead ends, but in fact from the back of the ear to the occipital bone near the main distribution of several different acupuncture points, such as cataract points, wind pool points, etc., can be information flow through the qi and blood into the yang heat and wind qi, on the sleeplessness, insomnia, eye fatigue, stroke and so on have their own to alleviate the role of the community.

3. Armpit: Jiequan acupoints

When the temperature rises, you will sweat more and your body odor will increase. Underarm sweat glands are well developed, and are one of the parts most likely to produce odor and harbor germs, so they must not be ignored when bathing. The top of the armpits have the extreme spring point, belonging to the heart meridian, moderate rubbing of the armpits, can drain the heart fire, broad chest, regulating sleep, and reduce palpitations, chest tightness and other symptoms.

4. Elbow: Quchi point

The elbow is the place where the heart meridian, pericardium meridian and lung meridian pass through. Kneading the elbow can unclog the meridians, dredge qi and blood, and maintain the health of the heart and lungs. There is also the Quchi point outside the elbow socket, which can help regulate blood pressure and relieve fever symptoms.

5. Belly Button: Middle Epigastric Point

The navel is closely connected to the stomach, intestines and other digestive systems. Clockwise massage around the navel promotes gastrointestinal motility and aids digestion. In the navel 4 inches above the part of the middle pill point, press and knead for about 5 minutes, can regulate the stomach qi, spleen qi digestion.

6. Knee sockets: Commissioning points

The knee sockets are the most dirty places on the legs and involve most of the leg muscles. Rubbing the knee sockets can relieve leg fatigue, prevent varicose veins and relieve joint pain. The Commissioning Point in the center of the knee socket has the liver, kidney and bladder meridians, which is good for tonifying the kidney, strengthening the yang and removing dampness and diuresis.

7. Heart of the foot: Yongquan acupoint

The feet are the "second part of the heart", twelve meridians and a number of different acupuncture points are gathered in the soles of the feet, including the heart of the feet on the Yongquan point, is considered to be the first point of the kidney meridian. Pressing and rubbing the center of the feet not only relaxes the whole body, but can also be used to regulate menstruation and blood circulation, replenish kidney yang, and improve the patient's sleep.